First Year Inspection

If You Let the Warranty Expire On Your New Home Without an Independent Inspection  There’s a Good Chance You’re Throwing Money AwayAs the first-year anniversary of your new home approaches, your homebuilder warranty is about to run out.

Are you prepared to go it alone? If you do not address problems within one year of your closing date, your builder will no longer be responsible for problems. But you certainly will!

A First Year Home Inspection can save you thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs.

In all of the excitement of settling into your home, it is easy to forget about the warranty that most builders put on new homes. Typically these warranties expire after only one year, leaving the new homeowner and their sizeable investment at risk. To address the needs of new homeowners like you, Metropolitan Home Inspection is pleased to offer you our First Year Inspection.  We’ll do a in-depth inspection of your home before your warranty runs out, and leave you with a customized report identifying the problems— all for one low cost that could save you thousands.
As an impartial, third-party inspector, Metropolitan Home Inspection does not perform corrective work so we have no vested interest in discovering or concealing problems. We simply present our findings based on our experience of having performed thousands of local inspections since 1992.The First Year Inspection is a detailed visual evaluation of your home performed by an experienced and professional inspector prior to the expiration of a builder’s new home warranty. This inspection addresses any warranty-related concerns that you may later want to bring to your builder’s attention. Objects that are evaluated in the First Year Inspection include the following:

  • · Attic
  • · Exterior and siding
  • · Plumbing
  • · Basement
  • · Floors · Roof
  • · Ceilings
  • · Foundation
  • · Sidewalk
  • · Crawlspaces
  • · Garage
  • · Structure
  • · Doors
  • · Heating and air conditioning
  • · Ventilation
  • · Driveway
  • · Interior–water penetration
  • · Walls
  • · Electrical system
  • · Major appliances
  • · Windows

A home inspection provides you with an independent opinion as to the condition of the property at the time of the inspection. The inspector typically spends between two to three hours evaluating a home, and may recommend further evaluation if problems or symptoms are discovered. Metropolitan Home Inspection strongly encourages you to attend the inspection with our inspector so that you can ask questions and learn even more about your home.

Order your First Year Inspection by calling Metropolitan Home Inspection at 732.846.1171 for unparalleled professional & independent service.  Do not miss the opportunity to have your new home professionally evaluated while it is still under the builder’s warranty. You will gain peace of mind in knowing your investment in a new home will last many years into the future, well past the limitations of your builder’s own short-lived warranty.  Call Metropolitan Home Inspection at 732.846.1171, and enjoy your new home!


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