Important Information

BEWARE:       Inspectors ARE NOT all alike!  When pricing a Home Inspection please do yourself a favor and DON’T shop for the lowest price. DO SHOP for the most experienced inspector you can find.  Buying a home is probably the single most expensive investment you will ever make.  After you buy and move into your new home is not the time to find out you received a poor inspection report. This can become a nightmare. A good detailed inspection report can save you thousands of dollars. I have seen clients negotiate up to $10,000 to $20,000 off the price of the home then hire the cheapest inspector on the block.  Going with a cheaper inspector, which means less experience and saving $150.00 to $200.00 on the inspection may cost you a lot of money at the negotiation table and in the long run.  This is no different than shopping for a good doctor, do you really want the new person right out of school, or with only a couple years experience, diagnosing your serious health problems?
Buyers need to be aware of what happens with a typical real estate transaction.  Our experience has shown us that some real estate agents prefer to use inspectors that do only minimal inspections and work for what is considered an unrealistically low fee compared to the current market in return for future referrals from that agent.  These inspectors are frequently new to the business or friends of the real estate agent.  Agents don’t typically refer inspectors who look too closely at a home or spend too much time performing the inspection.  Many agents want their deals to close as fast as possible and don’t want their deal slowed up by a conscientious and detailed inspection report that may disclose too many problems with a home. Keep in mind that a typical real estate agent gets between 3 to 6% of that homes value which means many thousands of dollars in the agents pocket.
Our reports are excruciatingly detailed, include digital photos, and are created on the top inspection software available.  Our fees may be slightly more than some of the fast track or part time inspectors that are very prevalent in today’s real estate market.

Don’t fall into a trap of believing that all inspectors do the same thing or follow the same “checklist”.  THEY DON’T!  Experience counts when it comes to the most expensive purchase of your life so don’t be surprised….BE SURE!
All home inspections that we perform are designed with the buyer in mind.  We do not work for the realtors or the builders, nor are we influenced by their demands.  We do not allow any type of shady entangling alliances with questionable third parties.  We do not take kickbacks from anyone……We work for YOU!

If you can find a better deal, more experienced inspector, or a more detailed report than we can provide…….take it! Because quality is very hard to find in this business and those that provide it are in high demand. Our inspection schedule books out almost a week in advance, so book early for the best times and dates.

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